Does “SIZE” matter?


Men are the most concerned about penis size with the thought of “small dick makes a man less manly” so those gifted with are flattered and more than happy to flaunt what they have, while those less fortunate are problematic and depressed. Not anticipating what others would think, why not ponder on the fact that it’s only you who knows about that very discreet matter – together with whoever you use that with, then rate your performance after a hot encounter.

Women being asked will give diverse reactions depending on age range. The younger, the lesser they give importance on the size. For the matured and experienced, the kinkier response you get with emphasis on the significance. But towards the end it’s still the performance that matters. Most women agree it’s how a man uses his penis and how he excels in other areas, because intercourse is just one part of sex and sex encompasses so much more.

Any size can give pleasure – all sizes can please actually. Lights off, just play around, have fun and the process of getting to the peak will define satisfaction regardless of the manhood’s length and girth. It surely will give a good fit as women naturally gives good grip.

The friction will stimulate both senses that gives the rush to a successful orgasm. The friction from a hard dong full of vitality and vigor that lasts until the burst of her cum. The friction that starts from a wet and wild necking to petting, and how he expertly runs his tongue all over to her sensitivities. The friction that he has to create to lose her consciousness for a happy ending. This is the recital that will evaluate and grade his manhood.

After a glorious night, a well lived life with your partner disregards the matter of size. Satisfaction is more important than anything else.



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