What is Zumma?

Zumma is a natural food supplement specifically made for men. Each 400mg capsule of Zumma contains L-Arginine, Wild Yam Extract, Lycium barbarum Extract, Cistanche Deserticola Extract and Epimedium Extract. Proven by Nature and Science to help men achieve the desired sustained erection.

Is Zumma safe?

Zumma is generally tolerable. But Zumma is not recommended for children, breast-feeding or pregnant women. Caution is also advised for men with pre-existing heart conditions because we all know that sexual intercourse is some form of a full body physical activity that may stress the heart.

How to take Zumma?

Take 1 capsule of Zumma at least 2 hours or more before sexual intercourse, preferably with an empty stomach. This will allow Zumma to be fully absorbed by the body quickly, allowing the users to feel its effect fast. Also, this will allow the user and his partner to have a nice dinner before an all-night sex adventure!