Relationship Goals


An everlasting love is the forever conservative goal. A very Filipino way of defining a permanent togetherness that started with significant happiness with each other’s presence and company. From courtship to marriage, regardless of the length of devotedness process until intimacy is created, practiced and became a way of the couple’s life – is what the common tao believes can make a relationship strong and lifelong.

Redefine FOREVER by outlining your expression of love and what you want to keep the intimacy. Remember that goals will remain an objective until achieved – and to succeed, set a realistic one.

1. To be essentially happy together

A habit of being together for comfort is not reason enough. The existence of essential happiness must be there. Each of the couple should distinguish what makes them individually happy when together and make every effort to flourish that element. It’s usually about fantasies.

2. To do something new consistently

Do not bore yourselves doing the same thing over and over. It won’t give you a different result but a same steady status. Innovate your ways and try unusual stuffs. Set a date in a strange place, share an exotic food, rotate your bed upside down or sex your way up above your refrigerator – anything new will make you end smiling – and you have to be consistent on this.

3. To keep remembering why you partnered each other
Always remember why you are partners and at all times, go back to how you started. As your relationship progress, individualities will come out along with the undesirable traits – nobody is perfect. It’s but natural to give the human reaction – be annoyed and get angry. But at the end of the day, focus on what you really loved about one another that made you decide to live the life you now have together.

4. To appreciate each other every good or bad day
Maintain an atmosphere of appreciation and admiration. Simple deeds must be valued and should deserve commendation. It may not be a big deal but small rewards are remembered just big time prizes are. This is a way of maintaining a positive connection with your partner. Negative experiences must be given time for a discussion, a small chat maybe to draw a positive line, so if the same thing happens again, at least you will find it light for the second time and lighter for succeeding incidents until it becomes a positive view of life.

5. To support each other’s separate goals
At the end of the day you are two separate individuals who still have personal goals. The achievement of one reflects the kind of support from the other, and the achievement of both separate goals results into one big accomplishment that is a big factor in maintaining a happy partnership. Mini failures may emerge, but compassion and understanding can rebuild confidence.

Set your own realistic goals and make your way to achieve it. Individuals have different desires for the shared intimacy. Consider something new and do it consistently. We are at the era where exploration opens better opportunities. Opportunities that can better and enhance your distinct role in the relationship.

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