Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Get an Immediate Erection

When you are sexually aroused do you get an immediate erection? If you are not getting an immediate erection every time, than you may want to seek a natural solution.


Men are supposed to be able to naturally get immediate erections. When a man struggles to achieve immediate erections, there may be several reasons that are contributing factors. The worst part about this scenario is that it can be so mentally devastating and it can also be emotionally degrading. From the viewpoint of a partner who is in a sexual relationship with that man, they may feel like their partner does not find them to be attractive, or has no sexual desire for them, or that they are inadequate and unattractive – when often the opposite is the case, and the male will make up excuses as to why he does not want to have sex on a particular day.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Get an Immediate Erection

There are several underlying reasons that are considered to be the leading causes of why men can’t get immediate erections:

  1. Diseases
  2. Smoking
  3. Drinking or alcohol abuse
  4. Drug abuse
  5. Problems with circulatory system
  6. Mental issues like anxiety or stress
  7. Problems in a relationship or marriage
  8. Poor diet or malnutrition
  9. Obesity or being overweight
  10. The aging process and reduced vascular capacity

How to Deal with Immediate Erection Issues?

It’s best to deal with these life changing issues – at least life changing in the bedroom – head on. Especially when you consider that erectile dysfunction is not some off the wall abnormal issue; it actually is very commonplace and prevalent. That being said, there are ample amounts of treatment solutions that can enable you to get immediate erections tonight in the bedroom. The first step you need to take is one with a positive outlook. Tell yourself, “I will deal with this head on and I will NOT look the other way!”

Top Five Reasons NOT to Look the Other Way

  1. Erectile dysfunction is so common that it affects 30 million men, but not even 10% will seek treatment for no good reasons whatsoever.
  2. There are numerous prescription drugs that can easily treat ED.
  3. You have surgical options to treat ED.
  4. There are therapy and mental treatment options that are affordable.
  5. Newer natural supplements are affordableScience Articles, nonprescription and doctor approved to treat erectile dysfunction and give you immediate erections.

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